Assistance in writing reviews

The review is a genre of journalism, as well as scientific and art criticism. The review gives the right to evaluate the work done by a person who needs correction and correction of his work. The review informs about the new work, contains its brief analysis and assessment [1]. Translated from the Latin “recensio” means […]

Standards of your dissertation

The dissertation is a complex qualification work, which must be written in accordance with the standards In order not to make mistakes, use only proved sources. Thus, all innovations in the design of dissertations are published in a specialized publication The dissertation should contain: -title page; -table of contents; -The main text with the introduction, […]

Translating your Diploma

At most faculties, a diploma student is required to get acquainted with the research of foreign authors. An advanced specialist should be aware of the achievements of world science. In most cases, you can see the already translated texts published in Russian. On the other hand, there are cases when writing a diploma you have […]