Standards of your dissertation

The dissertation is a complex qualification work, which must be written in accordance with the standards

In order not to make mistakes, use only proved sources. Thus, all innovations in the design of dissertations are published in a specialized publication

The dissertation should contain:

-title page;

-table of contents;

-The main text with the introduction, the main part of the work and the findings;

-List of abbreviations and vocabulary of terms;

-Information about literature used and sources;

-Information about the illustrated materials;

– additions.

Elements such as a list of abbreviations and conditional terms, a list of illustrations and applications, to place in work depend on you. Of course, if you do not have these terms, abbreviations, and applications.

Scientific works, like students, begin with a title page. Works for a degree are seriously different from those that have to be written during the student’s years, so they should be treated with 110% of your attention. The title page has several functions, and the main one is the localization of your material. Thanks to the data listed in the title, the work is easy to find.

The following data is placed on the title page

– the name of the institution;

– the status of scientific work;

– FULL NAME. author;

– job title;

– the name of the specialty and its code for the nomenclature;

– data on the degree sought and the industry in which the dissertator specializes;

– data on the scientific leader (not only the full name but also the scientific degree, rank);

– the place where the work was written, the year it was written.

Sometimes scientific works take several volumes at once. Each of them should have a separate table of contents. In this case, the first volume always contains the full table of contents for scientific work.

The main text of the dissertation consists of three parts: the introduction, the main part of the work and the conclusion. Attention to the details of the author of the dissertation will have to be shown when writing the introduction

In particular, the introduction should contain information:

– how is important you theme at nowadays;

– on the work on this topic, performed earlier;

– about the purposes and tasks of the author;

Рwhat is new in your  work presented;

– the importance of scientific work from a practical and theoretical point of view;

– about the theses the author want to defend;

– on methods of research;

– about how reliable and tested you experiments and conclusion.