Three stages in writing a report

The report is a small research paper devoted to one narrow topic. It can be done both in written and oral form. Most likely, the student will have to do it in both forms.

They often confuse the report with the abstract. In some ways, these “genres” are close to each other, often called a “report”, but if you do not see the difference, you risk doing the extra work and writing 20-50 pages instead of 7-9.

The key difference between the report and the abstract is in its purpose. The report is intended to inform the audience. You have the right to simply prepare a plan and, having studied the information on the topic, speak to your fellow students and teacher. Your performance can last 5-10 minutes – more is usually not required.

From school we are used to the standard structure for small scientific work:

– Title page;

– Table of contents;

– Introduction;

– Main part;

– Conclusion;

– List of used literature

This structure is suitable for both the report and the abstract. That’s only in the first case, the main part will be much shorter

Stage one. Choose a topic

Here everything is simple. If the teacher has given a list of topics, choose the one that will be liked most. If you are offered to come up with a topic yourself (for example, within a certain sphere), take one that you like. Even in boring discipline, there is something interesting. And you can always associate one discipline with another

Stage two. Search and study of literature

On the Internet, finding literature on the topic has become much easier. It is no longer necessary to dig for hours in the file cabinet and shovel hundreds of books. It is enough to make a query in the search engine. Alas, the network a lot of wrong information that can help you to get only {Fx}. Of course, you should not use regular sites, abstract and report banks and other similar resources.

Stage three. Writing the main part

This phase is divided into three parts.

The first is the preparation of thesis for main idea.

The second part is the preparation of the plan (structure) of the work. The structure depends on the topic you selected.

The third part is actually working on the text.

The fourth part. Work on the introduction and conclusion

Nothing difficult but nothing easy too.