Translating your Diploma

At most faculties, a diploma student is required to get acquainted with the research of foreign authors. An advanced specialist should be aware of the achievements of world science.

In most cases, you can see the already translated texts published in Russian. On the other hand, there are cases when writing a diploma you have to do translations from foreign languages

You need to work with foreign sources because of the specifics of the degree study. It is clear that if the topic of your diploma sounds like “The specifics of creating new scientific terms in the German language” you can’t run out without reading/translation of the text.

The use of scientific monographic and periodicals in foreign languages is a compulsory requirement of the department, although in general the diploma work is written on the basis of your native language literature and already published translations. But the department believes that alma mater specialists should have a foreign language at a level sufficient to study the latest foreign materials. The idea is not stupid, but, you know, most professionals have other materials is not interesting

You really do not have enough materials, you can not find the necessary data in English. The latest research on your subject has not yet been translated. What to do – you need to translate yourself! But there is a plus in this situation. Most likely, your supervisor has not yet had time to get acquainted with these materials. And the search engines, if they were indexed, then only on an Egyptian, and your translations are unique. It is possible to tear up the foreign researchers with pieces, articles, chapters. But say hello to plagiarism.

A small remark: this feint cannot go through with ears if the teacher himself tracks the latest foreign editions on your topic. They should be certain at his/her scientific interests.

A few tips on using translated literature in the thesis

Do not show off. If you have in the theoretical part of the diploma will be linked to sources in five languages, at best you simply will not believe. And at worst you run the risk of a sharp dislike of some member of the state commission

Be ready to share the translations with the supervisor, and maybe with other faculty members. However, some students especially place in the diploma incorrect references to foreign sources, so that the life of the teacher does not seem to be a honey, and the translations themselves simply leave for themselves